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Unsplash Integration
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Finally, a professional website builder that works with the core WordPress block editor. Crafting stunning websites has never been easier.

Build beautiful websites without the hassle and frustration of third-party page builders.

Nectarblocks block settings

Fully Visual

site creation.

Nectarblocks global settings
Nectarblocks wordpress blocks global settings
Thomas Bentley
Thomas Bentley
Thomas Bentley
Thomas Bentley
wordpress blocks editor example hero section

Everything you need to build professional websites.

Block Collection

A collection of robust WordPress blocks that make creating modern websites a breeze.

Post Grid

Video Lightbox





Draggable Column Sizing

Drag your columns to the size you desire. Choose from fixed grid snapping or fluid percentages.

wordpress blocks responsive column resizing

Page Speed

Built with the latest web technologies on top of Gutenberg, Nectarblocks offers lightning-fast rendering and unmatched performance.


Deep Unsplash integration

Access a library of 1 million+ beautiful, free visuals right from the WordPress block editor. Effortlessly search and select the perfect images to complement your content.

an orange falling into the air on top of a block
close-up photography of man wears black cowboy hat while looking up
white clouds and blue sky during daytime


Enjoy instant font previews, fine-tuned control, and unlimited custom font rules that you can reuse in your blocks throughout your website.

nectarblocks wordpress gutenberg typography settings
wordpress gutenberg animation easing ui
wordpress blocks css flexbox control ui
wordpress blocks google fonts integration

Full control
with no-code.

Say goodbye to the limitations of legacy page builders and hello to a visual interface that’s a breeze to build with.

wordpress blocks spacing control ui
wordpress blocks gutenberg text animations control ui
wordpress blocks background control ui
wordpress gutenberg background color control ui
wordpress gutenberg size control ui

Built by a trusted team.

Ben Scoot

It’s like the ultimate lego kit. Definitely worth buying for each of your projects. And their support is amazing too!


I appreciate so much people whom dedicate and put effort when creating something, and you are one of them. Keep it this way beautiful people!

Jumpy Wombat

A good alternative to Webflow if this is what you are looking for.


 So flexible and customizable, that you can use it for every project you wish for. The speed, seo, customer support..Everybody should try at least once.


Beautiful, modern design with many pre-built elements, templates and demos to get you started quickly.


It’s difficult to write a review when what I have is so good—5 stars are not enough to appreciate a template that is, no doubt, the best in all of WordPress.

Dedicated support

With our team by your side, you can confidently build knowing that guidance and expertise is just a message away.

Professional codebase

Built with Typescript and React on top of Gutenberg. Exceptional performance and scalability not typically seen in WordPress products.

SEO optimized

Our blocks are created with SEO optimization in mind, your website will be primed for search engine visibility from the get-go.


Nectarblocks comes pre-translated in the most popular languages for editing ease around the world.

WooCommerce integration

Premium features included by default. Enjoy an AJAX cart, product quick-view, modern gallery styles, and much more.

Custom code

Easily add custom CSS or JS via a beautiful code editor with IntelliSense, Validation & Syntax highlighting.

Join the revolution.