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Rich animations without code

Ignite user interest with animations & effects

Add a layer of excitement to your WordPress website that keeps visitors engaged and separates you from the crowd.

The Creative Vision
The Creative Vision

Blending creativity with cutting-edge technology to craft digital experiences that captivate and convert. We transform visions into realities.

Nectarblocks wordpress animation controls

A robust suite of tools to enhance your site’s visual appeal, ensuring it captures attention in a busy digital landscape.

Entrance Animations

Trigger animations as blocks come into view. Easy to configure. Extensive customization options available.




Hover Animations

Easily design engaging hover animations to bring your blocks to life.

Scroll Position Animations

Design custom immersive animations that add motion to your WordPress blocks, enhance user engagement and add a dynamic flair to your pages. Animations can run on all devices or be limited to specific viewports.



Smooth Scrolling

Allows your scrolling animations to render as smoothly as butter, regardless of the user’s device.

Filters & Masks

The full spectrum of CSS filters and masks available in a visually intuitive interface.


Out this

Custom Easing

Fine-tune the acceleration and deceleration to achieve precisely the motion you desire.