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Design made easy

Build stunning WordPress websites

Experience a truly next-generation editing experience with unrivaled ease, speed, and customizability.

wordpress modern template nectarblocks

Nectarblocks revolutionizes the default WordPress editor, enabling you to create beautiful websites without a third-party foundation.

Color Palettes

Start with professionally designed schemes, then customize with unlimited reusable solid and gradient colors.

nectarblocks wordpress color palette

Responsive Editing Made Simple

Responsive settings from a single toolbar. Real-time previews and automatic preservation of settings for each device.

nectarblocks wordpress theme surf template
nectarblocks wordpress theme business template
wordpress business theme template
beautiful wordpress pricing table template
nectarblocks wordpress theme cretaive
wordpress business consultant template
nectarblocks wordpress cafe theme template
nectarblocks wordpress theme template
wordpress dark saas template
wordpress surf shop template

Design Library

An ever-growing dynamic library of beautiful section templates. Each template will magically adapt to your global settings, ensuring flawless integration.

Block Collection

A collection of robust WordPress blocks that make creating modern websites a breeze.

Post Grid

Video Lightbox





Draggable Column Sizing

Drag your columns to the size you desire. Choose from fixed grid snapping or fluid percentages.

wordpress responsive column resizing

3D Transforms

Rotate, scale, and translate objects in three-dimensional space to create stunning visual effects.

blue and white dolphin illustration

Deep Unsplash integration

Access a library of 1 million+ beautiful, free visuals right from the WordPress block editor. Effortlessly search and select the perfect images to complement your content.

a man in a green jacket covering his eyes
a man standing in front of a tall building
a close up of a stuffed animal with eyes
a woman wearing a white tank top and gold rings
a snow covered mountain range with a few trees
a group of people standing on top of a cliff next to a body of water


Enjoy instant font previews, fine-tuned control, and unlimited custom font rules to reuse and share easily throughout your website.

nectarblocks wordpress gutenberg typography settings