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In Progress

Dynamic data system

Display data pulled from custom sources in blocks with support for ACF.

Agency plan

A new licensing plan that will allow unlimited instances of Nectarblocks to be used to meet the needs of agencies.

RTL/i18n improvements

Improved RTL styling for blocks and translation refinement from native speakers.


Font uploading

The ability to upload custom fonts, which will be available for selection in the global settings.

Portfolio demos

Utilizing dynamic data, showcase stunning examples of Portfolio websites.

Image grid

A customizable grid to display your images in with various masonry layouts and Lightbox functionality.

Navigation builder

Add functionality to utilize Nectarblocks for navigation creation to unlock fully custom layouts, icons & buttons.

Lottie block

Incorporate and manipulate Lottie animations.

Custom code per page

The ability to add custom CSS / JS that will only run on the current page.

Future Ideas

WooCommerce block set

Specialized blocks for WooCommerce products queries, categories and more.

Dark mode

The option to toggle Nectarblocks into a dark color scheme.

Spline block

Add spline objects directly into the editor to create immersive 3D experiences.

Custom hover targets

Select a custom block to trigger the hover state of another block.