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Nectarblocks Theme

The full package for website creation

The Nectarblocks theme is included at no extra cost, providing the perfect foundation to customize every aspect of your website with seamless compatibility for all blocks.

wordpress customizer

Built by ThemeNectar, a team with over a decade of experience crafting WordPress plugins and themes.

250+ Intuitive Options

Live previews of changes without refreshing or managing multiple tabs.

wordpress header settings
wordpress header settings

Header Customization

Choose from one of the many preset layouts to quickly get started and then customize colors, typography, and logos effortlessly.

Hook System

A powerful hook system for attaching reusable content effortlessly. Visual indicators make discovering and utilizing hooks intuitive and straightforward.

LocationsUtilize both Nectarblocks and core WordPress hook locations.
ConditionalsAdd conditions for when your blocks should be rendered.
User RolesCustomize your blocks based on the user’s role.
Override TemplatesBuild your own 404 pages, footers, and much more.
wordpress templates

Off-canvas Menu

Enjoy gorgeous off-canvas menu options, including fullscreen and sidebars with various modern animations.

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The Nectarblocks theme is lightweight, with smart resource management, and features native JavaScript lazy-loading.